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Unleashing the Power of Nidoking: A Comprehensive Battle Guide

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Unleashing the Power of Nidoking: A Comprehensive Battle Guide

Unleashing the Power of Nidoking: A Comprehensive Battle Guide

About Nidoking

Nidoking is a dual-type Poison/Ground Pokémon known for its formidable power and versatility in battles. It evolves from Nidorino when exposed to a Moon Stone. With its unique typing and movepool, Nidoking can be a valuable asset in any battle team.

Nidoking’s Special Powers and Abilities

Ability Description
Poison Point Has a 30% chance of poisoning the opponent when physically attacked.
Rivalry Increases the power of Nidoking’s moves when facing a Pokémon of the same gender.
Sheer Force (Hidden Ability) Boosts the power of moves with additional effects, but

Nidoking: The King of Poison


Nidoking is a powerful Poison/Ground type Pokémon that was introduced in the first generation of Pokémon games. It is known as the Drill Pokémon and is the final evolution of Nidoran♂. With its unique typing and strong moveset, Nidoking has become a popular choice among trainers looking for a versatile and powerful Pokémon. In this article, we will explore the various aspects of Nidoking, including its abilities, stats, moves, and competitive viability.


Nidoking is a large and intimidating Pokémon, standing at 4’7″ tall and weighing 136.7 lbs. Its body is covered in thick, gray skin with purple plates on its back. It has a large horn on its forehead and powerful claws on its hands and feet. Nidoking’s design is inspired by a combination of a rhinoceros and a dinosaur, giving it a unique and fearsome appearance.


Nidoking has two potential abilities: Poison Point and Rivalry. Poison Point has a 30% chance of poisoning the opponent when Nidoking is hit with a contact move. This ability can be useful for wearing down opponents over time. Rivalry, on the other hand, increases Nidoking’s attack stat by 25% when battling a Pokémon of the same gender, but decreases it by 25% when battling a Pokémon of the opposite gender. This ability can be situational, but it can be useful in certain matchups.


Nidoking has a well-rounded stat distribution, with high base stats in both attack and special attack. Its base stats are as follows:

– HP: 81
– Attack: 102
– Defense: 77
– Special Attack: 85
– Special Defense: 75
– Speed: 85

These stats make Nidoking a formidable offensive threat, capable of dealing both physical and special damage. Its decent speed stat allows it to outspeed many opponents and strike first.


Nidoking has access to a wide range of moves, both physical and special, thanks to its diverse movepool. Some of its notable moves include Earthquake, Sludge Wave, Thunderbolt, Ice Beam, and Megahorn. Earthquake

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