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Unleashing the Power of Kabutops: A Comprehensive Guide

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Unleashing the Power of Kabutops: A Comprehensive Guide

Unleashing the Power of Kabutops: A Comprehensive Guide


Kabutops is a dual-type Rock/Water Pokémon that evolves from Kabuto. With its unique combination of types and powerful moveset, Kabutops can be a formidable opponent in battles. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore Kabutops’ special powers, strategies for unleashing its full potential, and tips for training and battling with this ancient Pokémon.

Kabutops Overview

Category Value
Type Rock/Water
Ability Swift Swim/Battle Armor
Height 1.3 m
Weight 40.5 kg
Evolutionary Line Kabuto -> Kabut

Kabutops: The Fossil Pokémon


Kabutops is a dual-type Rock/Water Pokémon that was introduced in Generation I. It is known as the Fossil Pokémon and is one of the resurrected ancient Pokémon from a Dome Fossil. Kabutops is a fearsome predator that lived in the seas during prehistoric times. With its sharp claws and powerful shell, it was a formidable hunter. In this article, we will explore the various aspects of Kabutops, including its evolution, abilities, moveset, and more.


Kabutops evolves from Kabuto when it is exposed to a Dome Fossil. The Dome Fossil can be revived into a Kabuto at the Cinnabar Island Laboratory in Kanto. Once Kabuto reaches level 40, it can evolve into Kabutops. This evolution process allows Kabuto to transform into a more powerful and menacing Pokémon.

Physical Characteristics

Kabutops has a unique and distinctive appearance. It resembles a bipedal creature with a body covered in a tough, segmented exoskeleton. Its head is adorned with two large, crescent-shaped eyes and a pair of sharp, scythe-like claws. The most striking feature of Kabutops is its large, serrated shell that extends from its back and serves as both protection and a weapon.

Height and Weight

Kabutops stands at an average height of 4’03” (1.3 meters) and weighs around 89.3 lbs (40.5 kg). Its compact and agile build allows it to move swiftly both on land and in water.


Kabutops has the ability Swift Swim, which doubles its speed during rain. This ability makes Kabutops a formidable threat in battles where rain is present. With its increased speed, it can outmaneuver its opponents and strike with deadly precision.


Kabutops has a diverse moveset that allows it to adapt to different battle situations. Some of its notable moves include: