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Unleashing the Boxing Skills of Hitmonchan in Pokémon Battles

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Unleashing the Boxing Skills of Hitmonchan in Pokémon Battles

Unleashing the Boxing Skills of Hitmonchan in Pokémon Battles

Hitmonchan is a powerful Fighting-type Pokémon known for its exceptional boxing skills. With its unique moveset and high base stats, Hitmonchan is a formidable opponent in Pokémon battles. In this article, we will explore the special powers and abilities of Hitmonchan, as well as strategies to maximize its potential in battles.

Hitmonchan’s Special Powers and Information

Hitmonchan is a humanoid Pokémon resembling a boxer. It has a blue body with white markings, wearing red boxing gloves and a matching headgear. Let’s take a look at Hitmonchan’s special powers and abilities:

Ability Description
Keen Eye Prevents Hitmonchan’s accuracy from being lowered by opponent’s moves or abilities.
Iron Fist Boosts the power of punching moves by 20%.
Inner Focus Prevents Hitmonchan from flinching.

Hitmonchan’s special powers make it a force to be reckoned with in battles. Its ability, Iron Fist, enhances the power of its punching moves, allowing Hitmonchan to deal even more damage. This ability synergizes well with its moveset, making it a lethal combination.

Hitmonchan also has access to a variety of powerful moves, including:

  • Mach Punch: A priority move that allows Hitmonchan to strike first.
  • Thunder Punch: An Electric-type move that can paralyze the opponent.
  • Ice Punch: An Ice-type move that can freeze the opponent.
  • Fire Punch: A Fire-type move that can burn the opponent.
  • Hitmonchan: The Boxing Pokémon

    Hitmonchan is a Fighting-type Pokémon that was introduced in the first generation of Pokémon games. It is known for its strong punches and boxing skills, making it a formidable opponent in battles. In this article, we will explore the various aspects of Hitmonchan, including its evolution, abilities, moveset, and competitive viability.


    Hitmonchan is one of the two possible evolutions of Tyrogue, the other being Hitmonlee. In order to obtain a Hitmonchan, Tyrogue must have a higher Defense stat than its Attack stat when it reaches level 20. If Tyrogue’s Attack stat is higher, it will evolve into Hitmonlee instead. This adds an element of unpredictability to obtaining Hitmonchan, as the player must carefully train Tyrogue to ensure the desired evolution.


    Hitmonchan has two possible abilities: Keen Eye and Iron Fist. Keen Eye prevents its accuracy from being lowered by the opponent’s moves, making it more likely to land its punches. Iron Fist, on the other hand, increases the power of punching moves by 20%. Both abilities have their uses, depending on the strategy and moveset of the Hitmonchan.


    Hitmonchan has access to a wide range of punching moves, including the iconic move Mach Punch, which allows it to strike first in battle. Other notable punching moves in its moveset include Fire Punch, Ice Punch, and Thunder Punch, which provide coverage against different types of Pokémon. Additionally, Hitmonchan can learn moves like Close Combat and Focus Blast, which are powerful Fighting-type moves that can deal heavy damage to opponents.

    Aside from punching moves, Hitmonchan can also learn other types of moves, such as Earthquake and Rock Slide, which provide coverage against Pokémon that resist its Fighting-type moves. It can also learn support moves like Reflect and Light Screen, which can help bolster its defenses and support its team in battles.

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