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Dewgong: A Fascinating Arctic Pokémon with Unique Abilities

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Dewgong: A Fascinating Arctic Pokémon with Unique Abilities

Dewgong: A Fascinating Arctic Pokémon with Unique Abilities

Dewgong is a captivating Arctic Pokémon that belongs to the Water/Ice type. It is known for its graceful appearance and unique abilities. Let’s explore the fascinating world of Dewgong and discover its special powers and information.

Dewgong’s Characteristics

Dewgong has a sleek and streamlined body, which allows it to glide effortlessly through the icy waters of the Arctic. Its bluish-white fur and horn-like tusks add to its majestic appearance. With its captivating charm, Dewgong has become a beloved Pokémon among trainers and enthusiasts.

Special Powers and Abilities

Dewgong possesses several unique abilities that make it a formidable Pokémon in battles. Let’s take a look at some of its special powers:

Ability Description
Thick Fat Reduces damage from Fire and Ice type moves.
Ice Body Gradually restores HP during hailstorms.
Aqua Jet A quick Water-type move that allows Dewgong to strike first.
Sheer Cold A powerful Ice-type move that has a chance to instantly knock out the opponent.
Aurora Beam An Ice-type move that can lower the opponent’s attack stat.
Ice Beam A

The Dewgong: A Majestic Ice and Water Pokémon


The Dewgong is a fascinating Pokémon that belongs to the Water and Ice types. It is known for its graceful appearance and its ability to swim effortlessly through icy waters. In this article, we will explore the various characteristics and features of the Dewgong, including its physical appearance, abilities, and habitat.

Physical Appearance

The Dewgong is a large, marine mammal Pokémon that resembles a seal. It has a sleek, bluish-white body with a layer of blubber to keep it warm in icy waters. Its head is round and features a pair of dark, expressive eyes. Dewgong has a long, curved snout, which it uses to break through ice and breathe in cold air. It also has two long, white tusks that protrude from its upper jaw, giving it a distinctive look.


Dewgong possesses a unique ability called “Thick Fat,” which makes it resistant to both Fire and Ice type moves. This ability allows Dewgong to withstand attacks from Pokémon that rely on these types. Additionally, Dewgong has the ability to create a thick layer of ice on its body, which acts as a protective shield against physical attacks. This ability, known as “Ice Body,” also allows Dewgong to heal itself when it is in snowy or icy conditions.


Dewgong is primarily found in cold, icy waters such as the Arctic and Antarctic regions. It is a migratory Pokémon and can be seen swimming in large groups during the breeding season. Dewgong is known to travel long distances in search of food, which mainly consists of fish and other aquatic creatures. It prefers to live in areas with plenty of ice floes and glaciers, where it can rest and bask in the sun.


Dewgong evolves from the Pokémon Seel when it reaches level 34. Seel is a smaller, less evolved Pokémon that also belongs to the Water and Ice types. Upon evolution, Seel’s body grows larger, and it gains additional strength and abilities. Dewgong is the final evolution stage of Seel and is considered a powerful and majestic Pokémon.

Training and Battling


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